Lights and Shapes Flashcards

Anyone responsible for a vessel at sea must be able to recognize other vessels and quickly interpret their situation and possible intentions, day and night. These flashcards illustrate night lights and day shapes that could commonly be encountered by sailors and professional mariners.

You can see a red light approaching – what is it and what action should you take?

A vessel showing three red lights in a row is approaching you – what do the lights indicate and what action should you take?

I am about to tow another vessel to safety – what lights should I show?
I see a white light up ahead – what could it be?

Why is that sailing vessel hoisting a round ball shape – what does it indicate?

I have a diver down, how do I let everyone else know?

Can you answer these questions? Before you take any boat out on the water you should be able to, with ease. Nautical flashcards will help you to identify these and many other situations you may come across on the water.

Lights and Shapes Flashcard Examples


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